Getting ready for the craft fair

I have been busy making these cute little “phone pillows”.  I found the tutorial on You Tube at “Sew Very Easy”.   And they really are!  I made one for myself so I could have something to stand my cell phone up on instead of laying it flat on something or trying to prop it up if I was watching something.   I liked  it so much, that I made this little owl one for my desk at work.





Then I decided that since they were so quick and easy,  I’d make some of them for the craft fair.   Always looking for something new and different.   Now I want to adjust the pattern a bit so that I can make one to use with my tablet.  Maybe I should make a few of them and keep them in the different parts of the house where I may need to prop up my tablet or even my Kindle.

And something else I made this week that I think came out super was beef stew.  I think it was the best one I ever made.  🙂  Do I sound too boastful?  Well, hubby said it too and since we ate every last bit of it between Monday and then tonight as leftovers, I guess it really was good.  Not sure whether it was adding the bit of merlot wine while browning the meat or putting cauliflower in this time but you can bet I will try to duplicate it the next time.

Hope you are all having a good week.  Have you created something cute, fun or delicious this week?  I’d love to hear about it if you have.

Bye for now.


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3 Responses to Getting ready for the craft fair

  1. Cindy Johnson says:

    HI Ginny, what a great idea! And so cute too, I think you will do well if you make these for the craft fair….


  2. Resilient says:

    Oop! something went wrong. I was trying to tell you how cute the phone pillow is. I found you on blogging101.


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