Baby and Kids Items

Hooded Towels

These are made with a full size bath towel for the body of the towel and a hand towel is used for the hood. They are great for bath time and perfect for when the little ones get out of the pool.

Receiving Blankets

Soft and cozy flannel blankets or flannel and minky blankets.

Size: approx 36″ x 36″

Burp Cloths

These burp cloths are so popular because they are super absorbent, a great size and so very soft. They are made with 6 ply pre-fold diapers with a strip of flannel down the middle. They can also be personalized with a name or an image.

Reading Pillows

Reading to a child can be such a special time. It helps develop their listening skills, contributes to their imagination. It can help them understand different parts of the world around them. But one of the best things about sitting down and reading to a child for me is that special connection that happens as you explore the wonderful world of books together. Reading pillows can be a part of establishing a fun reading routine. It’s the perfect place to keep that day’s book (or a couple books) for your special together time. And when your child gets a bit older and is reading on their own, it’s a great place for them to keep their book handy and ready for them. They are also great for adults who love to read too… me.