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Getting ready for the craft fair

I have been busy making these cute little “phone pillows”.  I found the tutorial on You Tube at “Sew Very Easy”.   And they really are!  I made one for myself so I could have something to stand my cell phone up on instead of laying it flat on something or trying to prop it up if I was watching something.   I liked  it so much, that I made this little owl one for my desk at work.





Then I decided that since they were so quick and easy,  I’d make some of them for the craft fair.   Always looking for something new and different.   Now I want to adjust the pattern a bit so that I can make one to use with my tablet.  Maybe I should make a few of them and keep them in the different parts of the house where I may need to prop up my tablet or even my Kindle.

And something else I made this week that I think came out super was beef stew.  I think it was the best one I ever made.  🙂  Do I sound too boastful?  Well, hubby said it too and since we ate every last bit of it between Monday and then tonight as leftovers, I guess it really was good.  Not sure whether it was adding the bit of merlot wine while browning the meat or putting cauliflower in this time but you can bet I will try to duplicate it the next time.

Hope you are all having a good week.  Have you created something cute, fun or delicious this week?  I’d love to hear about it if you have.

Bye for now.



It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature….

….but I sure think Mother Nature is fooling around with us.  This morning I looked outside  and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Autumn Rose  Through the fog I saw something bright and pink.  I’ve got some roses blooming!  So now we have another color added to the beautiful fall scene in my backyard.  I think it looks nice and bright against the brown and gold leaves on the ground and the marigolds in the flower pot.

Now Mother Nature, you know that I do love snow but let’s not play one of your tricks and give us this super-mild weather this week and then dump a bunch of the white stuff all over my roses.  Let them finish their blooming and then you can send us some real fall weather — and maybe a few flakes just for fun.   🙂

If you are having some Indian Summer weather where you are, enjoy.   I, myself am ready for cooler temps.  And my roses need to head into their winter nap.

Have a good week.


Vintage Machines

Well this weekend I finally did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  Get the Serial #’s off two vintage Singer’s I have.

One of them was my Aunt’s and I know she made some beautiful things with it.  I even have a few of the cobbler aprons that she made with it.  Aunt Anna's Singer (Copy)   Isn’t it beautiful!

The light is not attached but I found a small pill bottle in the front pocket door of the machine cabinet marked  “screws for light” by my Aunt.  I couldn’t find any information about this machine from the serial # search on Singer’s sight so I e-mailed them and they got back to me.  It seems that this machine was manufactured in 1943 in Wittenberge, Germany.  I can’t find a model # on the machine so they said that if I send them a picture of the machine, they will help me find a manual for it.

Here is a machine I got from someone whose mom no longer sewed and nobody in the family wanted the machine.  😦   So, of course, I gave it a home.  Model 15 Singer  This one I was able to find on Singer’s website and it seems it was manufactured in 1952 here in the U.S.

And here is my Grandmother’s White sewing machine.Grandma's sewing machine  I have used this machine in the past when I was in High School.    This one is harder to find out info on.  There is no serial # on it to use in a search.

All three of these machines need to get serviced before they can be used so 2016 will be the year I will take each of them in for some TLC and get them humming again.  Since their power cords are obviously very old, I will not plug them in myself and try them out but will leave that to the professional with more knowledge than I have.  I can’t wait to get to these beauties back into working order so they can do what they were intended to do.

But in the meantime, I will use my Featherweight which was born in September 1949 — one month before me.  My Featherweight in cabinet  Her name is Emma.  She sews with the most perfect little stitch.  In fact,  I have been using her for a few projects this past week.

20151030_080312   A cute little Patchwork Pumpkin wallhanging for above my desk at work.  I also made a full tablerunner from this pattern too.  I still need to take a picture of that.

While I also love my newer model sewing machines,  these vintage machines just are just amazing to work on.  They are workhorses and made to last and soon I will have these three making wonderful things again.

Bye for now.  Have a great week.