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Craft Fair Tomorrow

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to post.  We had a wonderful vacation in Vermont, even if it was a bit chilly and the wifi was a bit sporadic.  It was actually nice to disconnect for a bit.   Especially knowing how busy we were going to be when we got home.

It is time for our first craft fair of the season.  It is a new one to us.  It is set in a park around Argyle Lake in Babylon, L.I. and the weather looks to be pretty nice now that Dorian has gone on it’s merry way.  We had rain yesterday and now it is a nice, sunny day and it should be the same for tomorrow’s fair.

Needless to say, the sewing and embroidery machines have been humming.   Here is a peek at what’s been coming out of the sewing room these last couple weeks:

I think I am going to need a bigger basket.

So, if you are in the Long Island, NY area tomorrow, head over to Babylon and check out the Argyle Lake craft fair.   There will be so many wonderful vendors there and the weather will be beautiful so come and take a stroll around.  Stop by our booth (A117) and say hello.  We’d love to see you.

Time to start packing things up and getting everything organized and the items on the checklist checked off.  Wish us luck.

Bye for now.   Have a wonderful weekend.








Autumn colors

Fall is making an appearance and while I do miss the warm, sunny days at the beach,  you really can’t beat those amazing fall colors.

mums   Burgundy and gold  mums     mums-flag

The happy, bright Montauk Daisies  look so cheerful even on a cloudy day


And I love pulling into my driveway and being greeted by this mixture of autumnal beauty


And sometimes as the day wanes,  we are treated to a purple and pink sunset


So being inspired by all these colors, I think tomorrow I will bring out some decor to reflect what’s happening outside.

_PatchworkPumpkin       20150927_161409 (1)      Reversible Fall Placemats     Halloween tablerunner (Copy)

Enjoy this colorful season.

Bye for now.






A hint of Fall

fall leav    Just a few weekends ago we were in the midst of a major heat wave.  The a/c was going night and day along with numerous fans and my energy level was practically non-existent by the end of the day.   And now, this week we have had some nice cool mornings and evenings.  The windows are open and we can enjoy the sounds of the crickets.   I sleep much better and wake up ready to accomplish things.  I am not quite ready to bid adieu to summer but it’s nice to get a taste of what will be here in the not too distant future.   I have been thinking about what I look forward to in the coming season: Soups,  beautiful fall colors,  mums blooming along with my Montauk Daisies.  Football and the new fall season of shows on tv to keep us entertained when the fall gives way to frigid winter nights.   I was thinking back to how much I used to look forward to getting the Fall Preview issue of the TV Guide.  TV Guide Fall Preview    I would look at each days schedule and pick out what new shows I wanted to check out and, hopefully, they wouldn’t be opposite a returning favorite show.  No dvr’s back then.   And there were really only a handful of channel’s to choose from and yet there always seemed to be something to watch.   Other than the fall premiers, two shows that said “Fall is here” to me were the Jerry Lewis MD Telethon on Labor Day weekend when I would try and stay awake as long as I could to “watch the stars come out” and the Miss America Pageant which was usually the weekend after Labor Day I think.

Of course, fall brings to mind some nice, cozy quilts to snuggle under when there is a chill. I have a stack of fabric waiting to become quilts but I did finally finish my lattice quilt top:

latttice top

This will not have any batting, just a backing and that will be seersucker because I wanted to experiment.  So what’s in my craft basket tonight? The seersucker backing and the jellyroll that I will be using for the binding.    backing and jelly roll for binding   I can’t wait to get to the binding.   I know a lot of quilters don’t like that step but I enjoy it.  I will be cutting the jellyroll into about 7″ pieces and joining them to make my binding strip.   I will get to cutting those pieces and maybe even do a bit of stitching together tomorrow morning before work.

But for tonight, I’m going to get my cup of tea and read for a bit while listening to the cricket serenade.  Have a good night all.  See you soon.





It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature….

….but I sure think Mother Nature is fooling around with us.  This morning I looked outside  and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Autumn Rose  Through the fog I saw something bright and pink.  I’ve got some roses blooming!  So now we have another color added to the beautiful fall scene in my backyard.  I think it looks nice and bright against the brown and gold leaves on the ground and the marigolds in the flower pot.

Now Mother Nature, you know that I do love snow but let’s not play one of your tricks and give us this super-mild weather this week and then dump a bunch of the white stuff all over my roses.  Let them finish their blooming and then you can send us some real fall weather — and maybe a few flakes just for fun.   🙂

If you are having some Indian Summer weather where you are, enjoy.   I, myself am ready for cooler temps.  And my roses need to head into their winter nap.

Have a good week.


Fabulous Fall

I love fall!  Well, I guess I love all the seasons.  Each one is special in it’s own way.  I love decorating for each season/holiday and this little guy makes me smile every year when I bring him out and find a special place for him to sit.      20150927_161409 (1)

His name is Sammy and I made him many years ago.   He graces a different perch each year and happily watches the goings on of the fall season.

One thing he gets to see this year are my Montauk Daisies blooming so beautifully. 20151003_120921    They are very cheerful flowers.  When I get my mums  planted next to them this weekend (hopefully anyway), the contrast between the bright white daisies and the deep, rust and golden mums will be striking.

I am also planning to spend a bunch of time working on this tablerunner finally._PatchworkPumpkin    I picked up more orange/pumpkin fabric (you need a good variety for this pattern) and if all goes well, I’ll have a picture of my own ready to share after the weekend.

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope you are enjoying fall.

Bye for now.


September sure is moving along

Well after fighting off some sort of virus, I am back to sewing.  Knocked me down for a bit for sure.  When I am not in my sewing room at some point during the day, you know I am sick!   But I have gotten back in there and I’m creating some fall things as well as some other things.   Here are a couple of them:

Sunflower Potholders (Copy)   Some sunflower potholders.  I also made some double-handed casserole mitts to match.

Someone asked me to make a “knitters” tote bag so here is what I came up with:

Knitters Tote Side 1 (Copy)  I put a large pocket on the outside for holding a pattern book.

And on the inside, I made a pocket with a row of tall  “channels” to hold the knitting needles  a row of shorter ones to hold small scissors, crochet hooks, row markers, etc.                                                            Inside of Knitters tote - section for knitting needles (Copy)


I also made some memory pillows from some shirts for a co-worker:

Memory Pillows (Copy)


I made these placemats for my daughter-in-laws’ shower last year and I want to make some for me now.  🙂

Reversible Fall Placemats


Hope the rest of your week goes well.  And I hope that nasty virus stays away from your house.  I’ll be back with more creations soon.

Happy Fall!


Fall is coming

It didn’t feel very summery in my last post but summer sure did make an appearance a couple days ago.   But I see cooler temps in the future and before we know it, there will be a nip in the air, leaves on the ground and ghosts, goblins, witches and princesses knocking on our doors.   So, in preparation for adding fall color to the house,  I put together a couple of tablerunners:

Fall Tablerunner (Copy)                                   Halloween tablerunner (Copy)


I also put together  a memory quilt for someone leaving at work.   While in Lancaster I gave dh the assignment of finding some Ladybug fabric to use for the sashing on the blocks and he found some great material.   I think she liked it.

Friendship Quilt (2) (Copy)

So, what’s on my cutting table and sewing machine now?  Well, more tablerunners for the November craft fair — there will be Christmas material involved as well as fall.  Wine bottle carriers, microwave potato bags, tortilla warmers, probably some mug rugs and ……. well the list goes on and on.  So many things running around in my brain.  I am also working on two different quilts.

Oh, and before I forget — are you ready for some Football?!!  It starts tomorrow night and hubby gets to see his Super Bowl Champ Seahawks open the season.   Which reminds me, I have some Jets and Giants material in my stash.  More ideas popping into my head.

I’d better get to work.

See you soon.