Monthly Archives: April 2014

Getting Veggie Beds ready

Veggie beds

Well, we finally got to work a bit in the yard over the weekend and got fresh garden soil and food into the veggie beds.   Also put down some more mulch and raked the leaves out of the flower beds and even put some lettuce seeds in.  If you look closely at the wine barrel planter at the front of the picture, you can see my strawberries. Yay!   We were certainly tired after a full afternoon of work.

And now the rains are arriving so I am very glad we got all that work in.


Spring is here — I think

Springtime placemats

Did a lot of sewing yesterday with spring-like fabric.  The weather actually felt like it was actually spring too.  Let’s hope it stays this way and continues to warm up.  Yes, I love snow, but even I am saying “Enough!”

I made an adorable playtime mat too but forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it to our grandson today.  I do have more of the material and will be making more so I will be sure to get a picture of them.

Pretty soon I will be torn as to what I want to be doing — sewing?  gardening?  Decisions, decisions.  But for the next few weeks sewing will be winning out since it really is a bit too early to be putting much in the ground and I have a craft fair coming up in a couple weeks that I need to get ready for.  Of course, we can always work on getting the veggie beds ready and raking up the leaves still left from last fall.  We’ll see — maybe.

Happy Spring!   Daffodils

Baseball season is here

And it is bittersweet for sure.  I am going to so miss Derek Jeter when this season is over.  It is hard not seeing Mo in the bullpen, Jorge behind the plate and Andy on the mound.  Then next year, who will be at 2nd?   I will continue to love and support my Yankees but it will definitely be a different feeling without  The Core Four.

Here is hoping for a great baseball season.   A Yankee/Dodger World Series would be a great way to cap the season but I guess I am getting a little bit ahead of myself here. And I certainly don’t want to rush to the end.  I want to enjoy and savor all the games.

So, Let’s Go Yankees!