Spring is here — I think

Springtime placemats

Did a lot of sewing yesterday with spring-like fabric.  The weather actually felt like it was actually spring too.  Let’s hope it stays this way and continues to warm up.  Yes, I love snow, but even I am saying “Enough!”

I made an adorable playtime mat too but forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it to our grandson today.  I do have more of the material and will be making more so I will be sure to get a picture of them.

Pretty soon I will be torn as to what I want to be doing — sewing?  gardening?  Decisions, decisions.  But for the next few weeks sewing will be winning out since it really is a bit too early to be putting much in the ground and I have a craft fair coming up in a couple weeks that I need to get ready for.  Of course, we can always work on getting the veggie beds ready and raking up the leaves still left from last fall.  We’ll see — maybe.

Happy Spring!   Daffodils

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1 Response to Spring is here — I think

  1. charlie says:

    You said Spring is coming? Why can’t we shut off the heat?


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