It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature….

….but I sure think Mother Nature is fooling around with us.  This morning I looked outside  and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Autumn Rose  Through the fog I saw something bright and pink.  I’ve got some roses blooming!  So now we have another color added to the beautiful fall scene in my backyard.  I think it looks nice and bright against the brown and gold leaves on the ground and the marigolds in the flower pot.

Now Mother Nature, you know that I do love snow but let’s not play one of your tricks and give us this super-mild weather this week and then dump a bunch of the white stuff all over my roses.  Let them finish their blooming and then you can send us some real fall weather — and maybe a few flakes just for fun.   🙂

If you are having some Indian Summer weather where you are, enjoy.   I, myself am ready for cooler temps.  And my roses need to head into their winter nap.

Have a good week.