The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

christmas-border-clip-art-christmas-clipart-free-downloads-christmasWhat a great time of the year.  It has been so very busy with shopping, wrapping, baking and wonderful family visits! I haven’t had any time to pop in here and wish you all Seasons Greetings. I hope you all have had a great few weeks from Thanksgiving on.  Mine was very busy indeed and I truly was quite tired by the time we got to the Christmas weekend but it was all well worth it.  I even fit in another craft fair.  I was a very busy elf. Elf    A few things that made their way from my cutting table to the sewing machine and out the door to new homes were:      Notebook holder open (August)  Some notebook holders.  These hold a medium notepad (5″ x 7″) and I am constantly using mine.

A friend had requested some Christmas kitchen curtains and I had a bit of leftover material so I surprised him with this tablerunner :Christmas Tablerunner for Ray  I really liked the way it came out and I hope to be able to make one for myself before next Christmas.

And then there were these adorable baby blocks for the new little princess in the family:     Lily's Blocks

So now, what will the new year bring?   We can only guess and hope and work towards what we would like to happen in 2016.  Time for setting goals — I don’t call them resolutions.   Time to take stock of what 2015 brought to our lives.  There will be good and there will be bad for sure but now it’s time to take what we have learned and head into the brand new year with renewed hope, renewed resolve and increased wisdom.   I will be cleaning up my sewing studio and starting work on some orders.  I will start planning what I’d like to make for the Spring craft fair and yes, I will even start planning out our vegetable and flower beds for the spring and summer.   We had a great garden and “farm” last year and the craft fairs and sales went well this year but I will try to use the “increased wisdom” that I garnered through the year and figure out what will work and also what will not work in both the craft fairs and the gardens and hopefully increase my success in both areas.

So many things I’d like to accomplish or at least work towards in the coming months but that is for another post.  For now I would like to wish you all the very best for 2016.  Health and happiness and a peaceful heart.

Happy New Year

See you in 2016