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Autumn colors

Fall is making an appearance and while I do miss the warm, sunny days at the beach,  you really can’t beat those amazing fall colors.

mums   Burgundy and gold  mums     mums-flag

The happy, bright Montauk Daisies  look so cheerful even on a cloudy day


And I love pulling into my driveway and being greeted by this mixture of autumnal beauty


And sometimes as the day wanes,  we are treated to a purple and pink sunset


So being inspired by all these colors, I think tomorrow I will bring out some decor to reflect what’s happening outside.

_PatchworkPumpkin       20150927_161409 (1)      Reversible Fall Placemats     Halloween tablerunner (Copy)

Enjoy this colorful season.

Bye for now.






It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature….

….but I sure think Mother Nature is fooling around with us.  This morning I looked outside  and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Autumn Rose  Through the fog I saw something bright and pink.  I’ve got some roses blooming!  So now we have another color added to the beautiful fall scene in my backyard.  I think it looks nice and bright against the brown and gold leaves on the ground and the marigolds in the flower pot.

Now Mother Nature, you know that I do love snow but let’s not play one of your tricks and give us this super-mild weather this week and then dump a bunch of the white stuff all over my roses.  Let them finish their blooming and then you can send us some real fall weather — and maybe a few flakes just for fun.   🙂

If you are having some Indian Summer weather where you are, enjoy.   I, myself am ready for cooler temps.  And my roses need to head into their winter nap.

Have a good week.


The fruits (and veggies) of our labors

Veggies  We had a wonderful vacation in Lancaster, PA.  When we returned we  were able to pick some delicious tomatoes (technically a fruit), zucchini, green beans, a few different kinds of peppers and some strawberries that didn’t make it into the picture because they went straight into my mouth. 🙂  Thanks to my sister for watering our garden while we were away so the plants wouldn’t get parched.

Here are the “fruits of my shopping” while we were there:

Christmas  Some Christmas fabric — of course,


Fall and Halloween   Fall and Halloween fabric,  and


some cute Fat Quarters and Charm Packs   Charm Pack and Fat Quarters

We didn’t just do fabric-y stuff.  There were some things on the agenda of interest to hubby too (although he was very helpful in finding specific fabrics I was looking for).

We took a tour of the Martin Guitar Factory :


and we visited President Buchanan’s house: 013   He is the only President from Pennsylvania so far.  We both like history – I especially enjoy American History – so this was a great way to spend one of our mornings.

We also went to the Model Train Museum and the National Christmas Museum.   We stayed in a very nice B & B (New Beginnings).  The Innkeepers, Denise and Al, were wonderful.  The room was very comfortable and the breakfasts were delicious. We had great weather and had a real terrific vacation.

So what am I up to now you may ask?  Well, I am getting some Fall and Halloween things made with the new fabric I acquired and will be starting on Christmas shortly.  I am also working on a few quilts which are in various stages of completion.  I will post pictures of the “fruits of my labor” as they are finished. So come back and see what’s new.

Bye for now.



red, white and blue star mug rug  I hope everyone had a good 4th of July weekend.  We did and I even had time to make a quick patriotic star mug rug (it is big enough to also use as a candlemat or even a small hot pad).  It was quick and easy.  It was a tutorial by Jenny of the M*QC.  I think I will be making some of these in Christmas fabrics and also in whites because it will look like a snowflake.  Stay tuned — I’ll post them when I do them too. We spent lots of time outdoors this weekend even with the rain on Friday.  Our veggie garden is looking good:  tomatoes  Tomatoes   broccoli  Broccoli cucumber  Cucumbers  &  zucchini  Zucchini The broccoli and cucumber will be on our plates this week. peppers  And maybe the banana peppers will be ready soon too. Our flowers are doing well  too with the exception of two of our butterfly plants.  We had 3 of them.  We put two in the ground and one in a large pot.  Well the one in the pot — which was the runt of the original three and I wasn’t sure it was going to do well — it took off like crazy but the other two started looking pretty poorly.  We went and got a couple of large pots and some potting soil, transplanted them into the pots and moved them to a new location and they are starting to perk up.  Keeping our fingers crossed. Have a good week everyone — go outside and play in your garden if you have one. Ginny

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Christmas Tablerunner   Made a couple of Christmas tablerunners for a friend.  She has a couple of bridal showers coming up.   I really liked them and I want to make one for myself before I use up all the fabric.  While I was working on them, I was humming Christmas songs.  I was tempted to play some — but I will wait until July.  🙂

But it is also looking a lot like summer here:

Rosebushes  My roses are blooming beautifully.  Yes, June is finally here.

And I have a “surprise” flower too.  I remember someone at work giving me this plant to put in the garden a couple years ago.  I don’t remember the name and it was just sort of there and being green.  Then today while taking a walk in my front yard I find this:

Purple spire flower  I am thinking it was called an angel plant but I’m not sure.

Got a Summer craft fair coming up at the end of June so I won’t be working on any Christmasy things for the next few weeks at least (unless I do get to make one for myself). Instead I will be working on burp cloths, wine bottle bags, casserole carriers, potholders, microwave potato bags and tortilla warmers and a few other things I have in minds.

Looks like I will be busy.  Better go get some sleep.  Good night, sleep tight — with visions of sugarplums dancing in your head.

Talk to you soon.


Some of my tulips

"Wine & cheese" Tulips

“Wine & cheese” Tulips

We are getting lots of yardwork/gardening done.  So many pretty flowers — finally!  I really loved my tulips this year.  I guess the snow was deep enough to keep the squirrels from eating my bulbs.  🙂   Sadly, the tulips are finished blooming for this year.  I will miss them.  Dare I say that I hope we have lots of snow again next winter to keep my bulbs all safe and cozy?  Stop throwing things at me!!

But, I’ve got lots of other flowers blooming to keep me smiling when I am outside.  I have a couple of mums that are showing signs of life.  I thought they were goners and almost pulled them out but I decided to wait a bit longer this year and then I saw those little leaves popping out!  Glad I waited.  I’ve got my petunias, marigolds, pansies, celosia all blooming nicely.  The azaleas finally bloomed but not very profusely.  The rhododendrum is showing a bit of pink buds.

So much gardening to do to get the season started.  Not enough time in my sewing room.  I will be spending some time in there this weekend being creative and will share what the outcome is.

Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend everyone.  American Flag 04

Getting Veggie Beds ready

Veggie beds

Well, we finally got to work a bit in the yard over the weekend and got fresh garden soil and food into the veggie beds.   Also put down some more mulch and raked the leaves out of the flower beds and even put some lettuce seeds in.  If you look closely at the wine barrel planter at the front of the picture, you can see my strawberries. Yay!   We were certainly tired after a full afternoon of work.

And now the rains are arriving so I am very glad we got all that work in.