Sunday Snippit on Monday

It sure has been a busy couple of weeks.  I missed posting last Sunday.  We had a quick visit with family and returned home on Monday.  I almost missed this week too but it’s  just one day later.

It has been pretty busy in the sewing room.  I made 5 sets of placemats.  Haven’t made them in quite a while.   I enjoyed putting them together.

I really like the wine bottle fabric and I can see some wine bottle gift bags made out of it.  The other four fabrics were very cheerful and summery.

While spending my time in the sewing room I was listening to a podcast of Leah Day’s.  (her podcast is called Hello My Quilting Friends if you want to give it a listen). Her guest was Stephanie Socha and the topic was organizing and decorating your quilting space.  (Stephanie also has a podcast: Make and Decorate with Stephanie Socha Design)  As I was listening I started looking around the sewing room to see if the way I organized my room was in a purely functional way or did it add to the decor of the room.  It made me think, what does the decor of my sewing room say?   So when I was finished sewing, I took some pictures of my space to see what vibes the different areas gave off.  Did they say utilitarian and functional or was there an element of fun and smile-evoking spots?

As I looked at the pictures,  I saw that there are things that bring a smile to my face in all corners of the room.   Yes, there are the functional parts like the two spaces that store my books and patterns and the pegboards that hold my scissors, rotary cutters and acrylic templates.  But mixed into those areas are items that are purely there just because they are “me”….. like the quilted Yankee wall hanging,  the “Officially Retired” sign and hat and the Charlie Brown clock that plays Christmas songs on the hour (ok, not ALL year;  I remove the batteries for that function in January).   And, while most of my fabric is either in the closet or in drawers,  I love seeing my Jelly Rolls displayed in a re-purposed cd tower.  Of course, the three machines in the room make me smile by just being there. Having pictures of my 4 boys when they were little hanging over my Featherweight, a stuffed puppy by my embroidery machine that reminds me of a very special grand-dog and a jar full of  thread on wooden spools that were from my grandmother and my aunt makes those areas even more special.

My conclusion was that yes, I try to keep my tools and supplies neat and organized and handy but I also see things in that room that definitely say  “This is Ginny’s sewing room”.    Do you have a room or a space somewhere that speaks to your likes, interests and  passions?   If you do,  I’d love to hear about it.  Leave a comment below and tell us about it.

I hope you have a good week.  I’ll be in my sewing room a bit each day enjoying all the special things in there.  Keep cool.   See you soon.

Bye for now.





6 thoughts on “Sunday Snippit on Monday

  1. cindyjohnson1

    Hi Ginny,
    I love getting your quilting updates!
    Your enthusiasm is so inspiring,
    please keep it coming!
    Cindy Johnson


  2. Sharon

    Hi Ginny! I loved this post. Your sewing room is a reflection of you and the things and people that are important to you. I love how you’ve got it all set up.
    All your placemats are beautiful! Your motivation needs to rub off on me lol maybe in a couple weeks??? lol.

    Love ya BFF



  3. rl2b2017

    Hi Ginny! I just adore seeing other’s sewing areas. It always is interesting to me to see what they have stored, the where and the how of it. I seem to always learn something or pick up new ideas. Your place looks nice and organized to me, and very welcoming. I haven’t made placemats in a while . . . but think I need to whip up a few. ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. ginnyscraftbasket Post author

    Thanks Roseanne. It isn’t so neat looking today. I have been working on a window seat cover so there are leftover cuts of cording, boxing, etc. all around. I need to clean it up. That’s a job for tomorrow.

    I need to make a set of Christmas placemats for myself. My BFF will be quite surprised to hear that, being the “elf” that I am with thoughts of Christmas always dancing in my head, that we don’t have Christmas placemats. Tablerunners, yes, but no placemats. It’s Christmas in July time so it is the perfect time for me to get them done.



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