Sunday Snippit Time

It has been a busy week for sure culminating with a day spent in the city with my sis ending with a Hugh Jackman concert.   Absolutely phenomenal!  Words cannot aptly describe what an amazing performer he is.

With the 4th of July on the horizon, I did  have some time in the sewing room to work on some red, white and blue things.   First there was this paper pieced star made with Fabri–flair.  It was a lot of fun to make.

It looks cute on my mantel with a tin barn star, some seashells and little lights.

I also got a new pair of scissors that fit right into my red, white and blue theme for the day.  (do you love them BFF?)  I have designated them to be my batting and stabilizer scissors.  Now they will stand out and I won’t grab the  fabric scissors by accident.


I also pulled this kit out of the closet and put it in my basket.


It’s a Missouri Star Quilt Company kit that I got a few years ago.   Will it be completed by the 4th of July?  Heck no!  But at least it isn’t in the dark confines of the closet any longer.

I dressed up a couple tables in the house with some patriotic  decor.

The temperatures have gotten themselves up to summertime thresholds, the vegetable  plants are flowering, the herbs are growing beautifully and adding nice fresh flavor to our summertime dishes, there is red, white and blue gracing various surfaces around the house and the beach has become a destination on our weekly calendar.   Welcome summer.Summer sun

And let’s not forget our friends to our north who will be celebrating Canada Day on Monday, July 1.   Canadian flag clip art    Why don’t we just declare this week  one big holiday and have one full week of celebrating the two very special days with each other.

Have a good week everyone.  Talk to you soon.

Bye for now.






2 thoughts on “Sunday Snippit Time

  1. Sharon Savage

    Good morning bff,

    I love the paper pieced star! It looks so nice on your mantel. Everything looks so festive and pretty at your house. I finally broke out my star table runner. I LOVE, LOVE the red white and blue scissors!!! Where oh where did you find those treasures?

    I’m happy to hear that summer arrived for you. I know how much you enjoy being out in the years and at the beach.
    Enjoy this beautiful Sunday.
    Love you 😘 Sharon


    1. ginnyscraftbasket Post author

      Thanks Sharon. I knew you would like those scissors. They are from Missouri Star.
      And yes, I am happy that summer is here finally. It sure took it’s time arriving.

      Love you and see you soon.


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