The Cutting Edge

I was rearranging and re-organizing my sewing room recently and started gathering up my scissors to decide which ones would hang on my pegboard, which ones would sit by my sewing machines, etc.   Now I know someone who has this thing for scissors.  I won’t mention any names but you know who you are.     Image result for clip art

As I put them onto my cutting table I realized that I had a whole LOT more scissors and rotary cutters than I realized.   I said to myself “Holy Cow, I’m getting like Sharon!” (ooops, I mentioned a name)   Here are some of my many cutting utensils:


I looked at them and realized I really do use them for different things.  There are my fabric cutting scissors (don’t EVEN think about using them for anything else), my batting cutting scissors — and I have the same two categories for my rotary cutters.  I have a special rotary cutter to use with my circle cutting template too.  There are my little snip scissors that I keep hanging by my Pfaff and the ones I keep by my Featherweight.  Then there are the ones I use for my crochet or knit projects and the little teeny ones for applique.  There is the pair of scissors that I use for snipping around curves or into corners and that I will use for snipping the edges in the rag quilt if I ever get around to actually making it.  Of course, there are the pink scissors with the flowers on them (small and large – they came in a set) .  No real reason to have them except that they are pretty and I like them.  I have my mother-in-law’s pinking shears, my Aunt Anna’s pinking shears and I now have my grandmother’s pinking shears.  Truth be told, I never use them.  They hurt my hands to use.   I also have a couple pair of scissors that I honestly don’t remember where they came from but they are part of the family now.

Now, I am not so sure that I have as many pair of scissors as my bestest friend does but after looking at all the scissors and reflecting back on my thought of  “Holy Cow, I’m getting like Sharon!”  I realized that’s not a bad thing at all.  She is the best friend anyone could ever have and if I am like her even in this one little way, well that is a very good thing.

Happy sewing everyone.  And BFF, keep those scissors sharp so when I come to visit, we can cut things up and then sew them back together.

Bye for now all.





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A hint of Fall

fall leav    Just a few weekends ago we were in the midst of a major heat wave.  The a/c was going night and day along with numerous fans and my energy level was practically non-existent by the end of the day.   And now, this week we have had some nice cool mornings and evenings.  The windows are open and we can enjoy the sounds of the crickets.   I sleep much better and wake up ready to accomplish things.  I am not quite ready to bid adieu to summer but it’s nice to get a taste of what will be here in the not too distant future.   I have been thinking about what I look forward to in the coming season: Soups,  beautiful fall colors,  mums blooming along with my Montauk Daisies.  Football and the new fall season of shows on tv to keep us entertained when the fall gives way to frigid winter nights.   I was thinking back to how much I used to look forward to getting the Fall Preview issue of the TV Guide.  TV Guide Fall Preview    I would look at each days schedule and pick out what new shows I wanted to check out and, hopefully, they wouldn’t be opposite a returning favorite show.  No dvr’s back then.   And there were really only a handful of channel’s to choose from and yet there always seemed to be something to watch.   Other than the fall premiers, two shows that said “Fall is here” to me were the Jerry Lewis MD Telethon on Labor Day weekend when I would try and stay awake as long as I could to “watch the stars come out” and the Miss America Pageant which was usually the weekend after Labor Day I think.

Of course, fall brings to mind some nice, cozy quilts to snuggle under when there is a chill. I have a stack of fabric waiting to become quilts but I did finally finish my lattice quilt top:

latttice top

This will not have any batting, just a backing and that will be seersucker because I wanted to experiment.  So what’s in my craft basket tonight? The seersucker backing and the jellyroll that I will be using for the binding.    backing and jelly roll for binding   I can’t wait to get to the binding.   I know a lot of quilters don’t like that step but I enjoy it.  I will be cutting the jellyroll into about 7″ pieces and joining them to make my binding strip.   I will get to cutting those pieces and maybe even do a bit of stitching together tomorrow morning before work.

But for tonight, I’m going to get my cup of tea and read for a bit while listening to the cricket serenade.  Have a good night all.  See you soon.





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Hot August Days


We are in the middle of a heat wave for sure so what does one do to keep themselves busy while being inside all day.   This is what was in my craft basket today:


I have put the last row on my lattice quilt and now on to adding the borders.  My first border will be  1 1/2″ white strips, then I will put a 3″ border of the tangerine and finally, a 4″ border of the green.  I was trying to decide what to do as far as batting.  I want this to be a “summer” quilt so I don’t really want warmth.  Just a light cover on a cool summer night— which would NOT be tonight for sure.  🙂   After  a bit of research,  I finally came to the  decision that  I would not be using any batting.   I’m just going to put the top and the backing together,  “quilt” it with some straight line diagonal stitching following the lines of the lattice strips.   I will use the Ambrosia Jelly Role for the binding.    And what will I be using for the backing?  I am going to experiment and use Seersucker.  Seersucker just screams summer to me.  Not sure how it will work but since it’s not a gift  I’m going to try it.

There are a number of  quilts on my list that need to be done before Christmas so I will be quite busy over the next few months.  I also have lots of other projects to work on so the workroom will be buzzing starting in a few weeks.  The first thing on my To Do list was to decide what patterns I wanted to use for each of the quilts.  The decisions have been made, most of the material has been gotten and now on to the cutting.  But, not until I finish my lattice quilt!  That has been in my “craft basket” for quite some time and was in the category of UFO (Unfinished Object).  But no longer.  It will be finished!

Keep cool everyone.   See you soon.




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August already!

I’ve been keeping busy but not a ton of time in my sewing room.  That seems to happen in the summertime.  I did have time to add a “new” bookshelf to my sewing room.  It is now home to my solid color fabric, some fat quarters and my quilting magazines.



I actually have made a few small things and got back to work on my lattice quilt.  Four more rows to go on that and it will be time to add the borders.  It was actually supposed to be my “summer quilt” for this year but that didn’t happen.  It will make it onto the bed next spring for sure though.

And what else is in my craft basket you might ask?  Well I’ve been collecting the license plates for the row x row experience this summer.  DSC03154

Here are three of them and a pattern for showing them off.   No, I didn’t get to actually go to visit Missouri Star Quilt Company but I was able to order their license plate.  I’ve got a few more to collect this year.    I am sure that these license plates will not be made into the wallhanging until winter is in full swing.   You see I have my usual “got to make by the holidays” list and I also have a different list this year too.  My “want to make before my grandbaby arrives” list!  That event will also take place in December so those sewing machines will be humming away.

For now, I’ll continue to enjoy the summertime and spend lots of time outdoors and organize my ideas and lists.  I think that maybe I need to get into some hand appliqueing so that I can be working on projects while enjoying the beach, the backyard or the front porch.   Of course the occasional rainstorm is welcome too…. especially if the aftermath is something as beautiful as this:


Now I am going to settle down with the my M*QC catalog which came in the mail today.

Happy August.

See you soon.






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Summer is here

And I am back.  I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since I’ve been here.   Life has been keeping me pretty busy these last 16 weeks or so.   Since I’ve been here, Spring came and went and summer arrived.   I have been enjoying the warm weather.  We’ve been enjoying our trips to the beach.  We love to go early in the morning and it is so very peaceful Peaceful beach     And there has been an addition to the “Prohibited” sign this year :

A sign of the times I guess               Addition to Prohibited Items

I have been doing some sewing.  Had a successful craft fair at the end of May and the orders from that kept me busy for a while.  One of the items I made was this tote bag:

Paisley Tote Bag   I really like the way this came out and I think I will find something to make myself from the fabric I used in it.

We also took a trip to Port Jefferson and enjoyed walking around Main Street there and checked out a number of the cute shops and had a delicious lunch too.   Port Jeff

We made a couple of stops at quilt stores that day too and I picked up their row x row patterns and a license plate.  I checked out a couple of embroidery machines and I am hoping to be able to add a new member to my family of machines and learn a whole new area of creativity.     Looking forward to adding new, more personalized items to my list of offerings.

So, that’s a bit of what I have been up to these last few months.  Hope you all have been well and are enjoying the summer.

See you soon.





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Downton Abbey Withdrawal

I have watched the finale twice already this week.  I am going to miss Sunday evenings with The Crawley family.

 Downton abbey

I knew I was going to enjoy the show when I started watching it but I didn’t know just how much I would.  I found it very interesting to watch the changes that happened in the English society in the time frame the series covered.

So I have decided that I am going to make myself a small lap quilt with Downton Abbey fabric as a reminder of the pleasure I got from this splendid show.   These are the fabrics I am considering:


I picked fabric from the Lady Mary, Lady Edith and Lady Sybil lines as well as from the Dowager, Lord and Lady and, of course, The Downstairs line.    Now all I have to do is decide what pattern I want to use.

I think it will be a very, very long time before I find another show that I captivates me the way Downton did.    Thank you Crawley family and Downstairs staff  for the smiles and the tears and thank you Julian Fellowes for a wonderful show and all the attention to detail.

What will I do from 9 to 10 on Sunday evening now?  Maybe I’ll re-read all of Jane Austin’s  works.

See you soon.


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The Dash

No pictures to post today of recent completed projects.  I have a number of un-completed projects for sure.  Instead I am just working on my “Some of My Creations” pages here tonight.  I seem to be in an “organizational” mode lately.  I have been working on getting my sewing studio organized and easier to find things in and I thought I’d take the time to organize pictures of my creations here too.

However, I do have something to share this evening.   I, sadly, had the occasion to attend a funeral a couple of weeks ago and the funeral director closed the service by reciting this poem.  Some people I know have heard it before but I never had and it really touched me.   It is called “The Dash” and it was written by Linda Ellis.   I found it to be very moving and thought provoking.  I will never look at a headstone in the same way again.

I have included the link above if you would like to check it out and read it for yourself.

Enjoy the rest of your week and give thought to how you will live your Dash.

See you soon.


P. S.   Spring is coming.               Image result for clip art free flowers








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Roller Coaster Winter

Christmas Eve we had temperatures in the low 70’s.  Then we go into a cold spell;  back into the 50’s and 60’s.  So the groundhog didn’t see his shadow — an early Spring.  Everyone cheers!  Well, truth be told, not me.  I enjoy winter and feel like I need it.  I need some “hibernation” time.     I still have winter decor around the house.

DSC03116          Snowmen & Santa   Love my snowmen.

But, I digress.  Back to the weather.   After temps in the 50’s,  in comes a blizzard.  The snowstorm last Friday really gave us some beautiful scenic views out our windows.  DSC03115   I guess that Mother Nature decided that if the Punxsutawny Phil wanted to have an early Spring, well, she would just give us a bunch of snow just to let us know that she would have a say in that.  Then, in comes some warmer temps for a day or two, then a few more inches of snow; a dusting more a few mornings after that and now here comes ………………..

…………  the Polar Vortex            polar vortex   .   So, time to hunker down and stay inside and stay warm and cozy for the weekend.   By Tuesday,  we will be warming up and getting heavy rain.  But, hold on, I saw snowflakes on the forecast map for next Friday.         I think I’m a little motion sick from this ride.

And while I am trying to stay in my “hibernation” state, I won’t be sleeping.  I actually will be looking towards Spring and Summer.  I will be working on some things for the next Craft Fair.  I will be making a bunch of these:  DSC03114   Microwave potholders.   I have made some sets of these and given them to a few people and they have been very well received and people have said they will be ordering a bunch of these.   I am also working on a couple of wallets.  Trying to work out an easier way of getting the twist lock into the flap with the padding that I want in it to give it some body.

I hope to work a bit on my lattice quilt.  It would be great if I was at the point of putting the binding on it.  I could sit with a nice, warm, cozy quilt on my lap while hand-stitching the binding down.  But, alas, I am not there yet.  I have other quilts to keep me snug.

We are also starting to talk about our gardens.  I think I want to try to grow potatoes this year using a method I read about on the Old World Garden blog.   If you are into gardening and  haven’t visited this blog, I encourage you to do so.  It’s been very interesting to follow along on their journey. 

If you are in the path of the Polar Vortex, have a warm and cozy weekend inside.  Make soup; maybe some chili, bake some bread.  Spend some time being creative,  read a good book, watch a good movie.  Just pick something that you have wanted to do and spend some time in your cave and “hibernate” for a bit.

Have a great weekend.  See you all soon.






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Great weekend

How different this weekend was from last weekend.  The snow is melting quickly.  And boy what an amazing sunset this evening.Sunset (2)

It was a very productive and fun weekend for us.  We got a lot of errands done yesterday and last night we watched the Documentary on The Eagles.  Very informative and great music.  Then today was a day to just be home and enjoy being here.   Nice easy morning with a leisurely breakfast.  After that dh and I set to getting a few things done in the kitchen.  He chopped, diced and peeled and I mixed, browned and stirred and in the end we had the sauce for today’s dinner  Simmering Sauce

Shepherd's Pie  Shepherd’s Pie for tomorrow night’s supper.

and some Banana Bread for a treat tonight while watching the Live Broadcast of Grease.

Banana Bread

After the kitchen was cleaned up, I was able to spend some time in my sewing room and I finished up 24 burp cloths 2 dozen burp cloths




hexagon tablerunner        and got the hexis all ready for stitching while watching tv.  I’ve got two more rows to add to get it to the right length for my dining room table and then I’ll fill in on the sides for the width.  I’m using this charm pack from Moda.  Charm pack for hexis

Some nights there is absolutely NOTHING worth watching and then tonight, there is Grease, Downton Abbey and Madam Secretary all overlapping.  Thank goodness for my DVR.

Have a wonderful evening and a great week all.

See you soon.


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Blizzard of 2016

6″-12″ is what we were supposed to get.  Ok, we’re ready.

Ice metl

Boots & Shovels Ice melt, boots and shovels all ready.





Checked outside before heading to bed late Friday night.  The storm begins    The snow had begun.  Very pretty.

Next morning’s view of the driveway:Morning on Day 2

Now they say more like 12″-18″.   Well, it kept on coming and this is what it looked like this morning at the front door  Front Door DriftFront Porch Drift #2

We wound up getting over 28″ and the drifts were amazing.  We had shoveled the front porch and driveway mid-afternoon on Saturday so I cannot even imagine how high the drift would have been if we hadn’t.

Other than the one time shoveling expedition, we had a nice day indoors yesterday.  We didn’t lose power so that was great.  I was able to spend some time in the sewing room, watched a movie and made some delicious Roasted Tomato Soup Roasted Tomato Soup

The backyard sure does look like a winter wonderland today



We’ve got the cars and driveway dug out thanks in large part to three of our neighbor’s sons.  He always make sure that they go around and help those of us who don’t have young able-bodied shovelers living at home and who are not as young as we used to be.

Cars Dug Out

Now let’s just hope the plow doesn’t block us in too badly when it comes around.

Too tired now to do much sewing or cutting.  I would probably mess something up if I tried so I will just watch the football game and either work on a knitted dishcloth or maybe some handwork (hexis).  Maybe a little bit of both.  I also have Madam Secretary and Downtown Abbey on the schedule tonight but since they are opposite each other, I am dvr’ing both of them and then I can choose which to watch tonight and which to watch either later tonight or tomorrow.

Hope everyone dealing with this storm is safe and warm tonight.

Have a great week.  See you soon.





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