Bye Bye Plastic Bags

As of March 1st, there will be new regulations for the use of plastic bags in New York State.  Are you ready?

I am trying to figure out just what an “exempt” plastic bag is.  Also,  does this affect me at my craft fairs?   I do usually use paper bags for my customers but I do put my hooded towels in a plastic bag.  Do I need to change that?

My hubby does the grocery shopping as a rule and we have been using reusable bags for that for quite some time now.    Now I will need to keep some bags handy in the car for when I do shopping, grocery or otherwise.   I am experimenting with a couple of different styles, including one that I can easily keep folded up in my purse.  And, of course, I am going to make them colorful.   I’ll post pictures of what I come up with soon.

So, if you want to find out what might, or might not, be changing come March 1, you can read about the new regulations and who can and cannot offer plastic bags, you can go to The NY State Department of Environmental Conservation website here .

I’ll be in my sewing room making bags that will make shopping fun for me.  Ok, no, they won’t but they sure will make me smile more than the plastic bags did.

See you soon.  Bye for now.




6 thoughts on “Bye Bye Plastic Bags

  1. Sharon

    Hi Ginny, so now you get to join us here with the bags… my goal is to make some pretty ones too. I’ve bought quite a few lol. And more often then not I forget them in the car.. hubby is much better at remembering though. Probably because he shops more than me. I enjoyed your post. Hugs my sweet BFF


  2. rl2b2017

    Good morning! I’m excited to see this initiative. Gosh, I have been using my own bags at the grocery store for ages. When I think of how many times I just pop into a store . . . well, I’d better stock my car. I live in Wisconsin but will try to adapt this rule for my own – we all know the midwest won’t get to this law for at least another 10 years. But I can make my own small contribution! I love this and thank you for sharing the details with us. I look forward to seeing your bags!! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. ginnyscraftbasket Post author

      Many individual counties and townships across the state had enacted guidelines like these already. But on March 1 it will be statewide and no longer “a suggestion”. We have been using our own bags for a couple years already too. Yes, we can all do little things and I believe every little bit helps.


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