The Dash

No pictures to post today of recent completed projects.  I have a number of un-completed projects for sure.  Instead I am just working on my “Some of My Creations” pages here tonight.  I seem to be in an “organizational” mode lately.  I have been working on getting my sewing studio organized and easier to find things in and I thought I’d take the time to organize pictures of my creations here too.

However, I do have something to share this evening.   I, sadly, had the occasion to attend a funeral a couple of weeks ago and the funeral director closed the service by reciting this poem.  Some people I know have heard it before but I never had and it really touched me.   It is called “The Dash” and it was written by Linda Ellis.   I found it to be very moving and thought provoking.  I will never look at a headstone in the same way again.

I have included the link above if you would like to check it out and read it for yourself.

Enjoy the rest of your week and give thought to how you will live your Dash.

See you soon.


P. S.   Spring is coming.               Image result for clip art free flowers