Blizzard of 2016

6″-12″ is what we were supposed to get.  Ok, we’re ready.

Ice metl

Boots & Shovels Ice melt, boots and shovels all ready.





Checked outside before heading to bed late Friday night.  The storm begins    The snow had begun.  Very pretty.

Next morning’s view of the driveway:Morning on Day 2

Now they say more like 12″-18″.   Well, it kept on coming and this is what it looked like this morning at the front door  Front Door DriftFront Porch Drift #2

We wound up getting over 28″ and the drifts were amazing.  We had shoveled the front porch and driveway mid-afternoon on Saturday so I cannot even imagine how high the drift would have been if we hadn’t.

Other than the one time shoveling expedition, we had a nice day indoors yesterday.  We didn’t lose power so that was great.  I was able to spend some time in the sewing room, watched a movie and made some delicious Roasted Tomato Soup Roasted Tomato Soup

The backyard sure does look like a winter wonderland today



We’ve got the cars and driveway dug out thanks in large part to three of our neighbor’s sons.  He always make sure that they go around and help those of us who don’t have young able-bodied shovelers living at home and who are not as young as we used to be.

Cars Dug Out

Now let’s just hope the plow doesn’t block us in too badly when it comes around.

Too tired now to do much sewing or cutting.  I would probably mess something up if I tried so I will just watch the football game and either work on a knitted dishcloth or maybe some handwork (hexis).  Maybe a little bit of both.  I also have Madam Secretary and Downtown Abbey on the schedule tonight but since they are opposite each other, I am dvr’ing both of them and then I can choose which to watch tonight and which to watch either later tonight or tomorrow.

Hope everyone dealing with this storm is safe and warm tonight.

Have a great week.  See you soon.






3 thoughts on “Blizzard of 2016

  1. countrygirllifeonthefarm

    You got hammered a lot more than we did. Eddie is so glad he bit the bullet and bought the snow blower this year. He thinks it the best investment he got since we bought the farm. His back and time out in the cold is 10 times less than it was.
    Stay warm & work on that handwork! By the way what is hexis???


    1. ginnyscraftbasket Post author


      I’m working on a tablerunner for my dining room table made by hand stitching hexagon shapes together. I’ll take a picture and post what I’ve got done so far.



  2. duelingthreads

    We are still young and able, but have not seen a real blizzard this year. My kids are still waiting for a good snow day! I always love the days of shoveling, warm soup, cocoa and sewing! I enjoyed seeing your wonderland. Thanks!


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