Hello Winter, you really are here

Snow 2       Snow

Wasn’t sure we would be seeing any snow this season.  But we had some nice soft snowflakes falling.   I enjoyed  the peaceful precipitation while watching football and working on taming my scraps.        Cutting tumblers

I was cutting tumblers for Bonnie Hunters’ Leader/Ender challenge. (check it out at quiltville.blogspot.com )  And whatever wasn’t big enough for my tumblers, that got cut into 2 1/2″ or 3 1/2″ strips or 2 1/2″ inch squares.  I have tons of scraps that aren’t in any usable shape at this point and it takes up so much more room storing them that way.  Here is the beginning of my  organized stacks Organizing scraps

I got a lot more cut and organized and will get all the different shapes settled into their own neat bins. One of my goals is to use a lot of these scraps for a Scrappy Irish Chain quilt from Bonnie’s book, “Adventures with Leaders and Enders”.

Day off tomorrow!  🙂   I will give my sewing machines a good cleaning and then we will see what I feel like working on.  I have lots of choices.

Have a good evening.  Bye for now.




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2 Responses to Hello Winter, you really are here

  1. Sharon says:

    Happy Sunday!

    I’m happy that you enjoyed your snow fall. We are getting a lot of rain🌧☔️ No complaints on my end. And like you enjoying your snow, I’m enjoying the rainfall.

    I’ll have to look for Bonnie’s book. It sounds like it has some fun projects in it.
    And taming those scraps is such a huge undertaking! At least for me anyway lol
    I have mine somewhat organized. I’ve been debating on organizing them by color. But then I think of all the different sizes and just say to myself, never mind lol

    I’ve embroidered several towels in the last week. I still have some designs to stitch out.

    i bought some Zymol sto clean my girls and get them all sparkly. My other two girls are nice and clean. But the featherweights get so dusty. I just have to get in my sewing room and clean them up.

    Love ya,


  2. Great post and you’re doing something that’s on my to-do list this winter. I’ve been stuffing all the scraps in a tote. One of these day’s I’ll pull them all out and make a “scrappy quilt” like my grandmother use to do.
    Stay warm! Frigid here!


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