With so many young ladies in my life having little boys, I was thrilled to hear that one my step-daughters was having a little girl.  🙂  So, I finally got to work with pink.  And some purple too.

Pink and purple chevron quilt  Pink and Purple Chevron Quilt (2)

Back of Chevron quilt (2)  with a pink back.

A couple of mostly pink receiving blankets:

Multicolor receiving blanket   Pink receiving blanket

Just so everything was not PINK

yellow and green receiving blanket   a more yellow/green receiving blanket.

Of course, our little princess will need some stylish burp cloths Burp cloths

And my BFF in California sent this absolutely adorable tutu


Thank you Sharon.   Everyone loved it.

Well, the next baby that I will be making some blankets and burp cloths for is a little boy so back I go to blues, etc.   I happen to like blue a lot so that will be fine but it was nice having pink and purple on my cutting table for a while.

Have a good week everyone.

Bye for now.


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1 Response to Pink!

  1. Sharon says:

    I love all of your blankets and burp cloths! You always do such pretty work!
    And I’m right there with ya on having fun with pink when I get the chance! lol I take full advantage and play with as much pink as I can lol

    I’m so happy that the tutu was liked! You weren’t supposed to say you didn’t make it lolol😜
    But, thank you for letting me know how it went.

    I am going to be working on my orders this week.
    The blankets and little hippo mini blankets were really liked yesterday. I was so glad about that!

    Love ya girlie,

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