Three cheers for the red, white and blue!





Red, white & blue tablerunners    Made some patriotic tablerunners for the craft fair and they were good sellers.  Luckily I still have some of my favorite fabric left (the light background with the stars) so I can make one for myself.  🙂  decorative stars on tablerunners


Wine bottle carriers Single wine bottle carrier  and tortilla warmers Tortilla warmers were also very popular.  Got an order for some wine carriers, potholders and a quilt too.

It was a good day and I wasn’t even there!  Hubby did it by himself since I didn’t want to take another day off.




1 thought on “Three cheers for the red, white and blue!

  1. Sharon

    I’m so happy that the sale went good! And nice job “hubby” for working the booth by yourself! I’m impressed! Gin, I love the table runners. They turned out really nice. Actually everything that you showed here is super pretty! I’m glad that I finally got to see what they all look like. lol you were gonna send me pic’s lolol

    Love ya. Nice job today both of you… You for making all the pretty things and hubby for working the sale:)

    Love, Sharon

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