Blogging at my age? Why?

That is a great question.  I guess it’s a new way to keep a diary (like I did when I was a teenager—oh, the angst!) or a journal, which I have done on and off in my adult years.  The subjects I will probably blog about now are going to be quite a bit different from what was in my diary or my journals.   I will be sharing about my sewing and quilting — which I think about a considerable amount of time during my day.

Soft Blocks

Love making these cute soft blocks. Lots of little ones arriving so I’ve got a lot of stuffing to do.

Spring is here, or so rumor has it anyway, so our garden will be occupying a lot of time soon.  Our successes and failures will find their way to these posts too.  I already have some plants waiting to go outside as soon as the weather is appropriate or, in the meantime, move into larger pots.    And I already have one failure to report — my dill.  I love having fresh dill to use for fish but I find it so hard to grow.  It is so very fragile.

The bulbs are popping up all over and I hope that whatever snow we will be getting tonight won’t damage them too much.  Those crocus are hardy little guys.

We have a few concerts to go to over the next few months so I suppose a bit of my teenage diary will find it’s way here.  And, of course, baseball season will be arriving next week — go Yankees!  Hubby is quick to remind me that baseball season has already arrived for him.  He is a Dodger fan and they have already played two regular season games in Australia of all places.  Of course, since they won both of those games, I am having to hear about how “his” boys in blue are in first place.

Well, there you have it.  That’s what I’ll be blogging about.  Exactly why, I’m not sure.  I guess just because I feel like it.  And there should be some things you can do as you get a bit older just because you feel like it.

Till next time, go create something and do something fun just because you feel like it.




4 thoughts on “Blogging at my age? Why?

  1. Sharon

    I’m so excited for you Ginny that you’ve started this blog! I will be watching and reading for new projects to appear. While you’re waiting for your spring flowers to bloom, mine are just about finished now. My freesia is just about done which saddens me as it smells so good when brought inside. I have some beautiful red roses inside now which also smell wonderful. I’m not sure how all the rest of my flowers and hard will do considering we are being asked to conserve water due to very little rain over the winter. We will see….


  2. Johnna

    I can’t wait to follow your blog! I think it’s awesome and I know this will help your website once it’s up and running!! I think you’re an amazing quilter an i can’t wait to get some lessons on my Singer!


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